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Appenzeller breed from Crested Breads Club of Australia

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Crested Breads Club of Australia  represents and supports breeders of crested breeds including, Houdan, Polish, Appenzeller and many more in Australia. There are two types of Appenzeller, the Spitzhauben as the crested variety and it originated in Switzerland.

Male Appenzellers are very active and have a well rounded body with medium long, walnut-shaped body aong with furnished tails, breasts full and a well deevloped abdomen. A male Appenzeller is characterised with its medium sized head that is held high with a raised skull and medium-sized pointed crest bent forward.

A male Appenzeller has its comb horn with two small rounded spikes, separate and without side sprigs. It has prominent eyes with strong cavernous nostrils, and a prominent horseshoe ridge to the beak with a small fleshy knob at the front. As for its legs, the thighs are slender and prominent.

Female Appenzeller general characteristics are the same for the male, except for the more horizontal back line that allows the natural sexual differences. The Appenzeller is recognised in general is recognised in three colours, the Silver spangled, the Gold spangled and the Black.

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