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Crested Breads Club of Australia  encourages the breeding and exhibiting of poultry breeds including Houdan, Polish, Crèvecoeur, Sultan, Silkie, Crested Duck, Crested Geese and Araucana. Members of the club are introduced with news of events, shows, tips for breeding or showing crested breeds from all over Australia and Internationally.

The Araucana breed can lay coloured eggs and the shades vary from blue to green. Araucana is the only breed that naturally lays these uniquely coloured eggs. The team has found that depending on the colour of the breed the colour of the shell varies, but the yolks remain yellow in colour. The colours seen are sky blue, lavender variety, green, black and olive green. 

The name Araucana is derived from the Arauca province of northern Chile, a part of South America that was never conquered by the Spaniards. The Araucana breed has a triple comb pea comb that resembles three single combs joined together at the base and rear.

All Araucana's have a pea comb, but serious defects are sometimes found in them. The pea comb is a triple comb that resembles three single combs joined together. The legs of the Araucana are of medium length, strong and well apart. An Araucana has four toes that should be straight and well spread. The colouring of the legs and toes are dependant of the colour of the plumage.

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