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Features of Merino stud produced from Cromarty

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Cromarty , genetically breeds fine sheep with selective mating programme and trades healthy Merino stud that can give soft and dense wool. Cromarty focuses in producing fertile, easy care sheep that are worm and blow fly resistant.

Cromarty also focuses on sheep with its wool quality and resistance to blowfly. It also ensures that its adult sheep are not jetted and ewes are culled from its body strike suffering. Studs from Cromarty are also resistant to worms. As part of the Merino Validation Project Stud sheep are being individually tested for worm resistance using faecal egg counts. This helps the studs to produce EBVs genetic traits.

Studs are accredited with Ovine Brucellosis Free Flock tag as Cromarty is situated in a safe area of New England where no O.J.D. suspect flocks have been recorded. Every stud progeny are pedigreed, so that not only the sires but the dams are identified.

Customers can contact Cromarty to get the catalogue that has a list of dams. At Cromarty, an average adult micron is 17.6. Every maiden ewe are fleeced weighed, classed each year and micron tested. Cromarty breeds genetically fine sheep that will hold their micron, even under the very best seasonal and pastoral conditions.

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