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Healthy Merino studs from Cromarty

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The Merino studs from Cromarty  are used to breed Merinos, which are well-nourished and have the ability to withstand high rainfall. Cromarty registered Merino stud in 1994. Selection of sheep is based on the worm and blowfly resistance.

At Cromarty the wool produced are soft, dense and exhibit deep crimp definition. According to Cromarty, these are achieved by maintaining a high fertility rate to meet the objectives all maiden ewes are hip sampled and fleece weighed.

Every year, ewes are classed, fleece weighed and selectively mated. As for the stud lambs, they are pedigreed, so that not only the sires but also the dams are identified. This process has enabled the E.T. programme to be initiated over the last five years. Ewes are selectively mated to maximise genetic gain.

The objectives of Cromarty is to breed highly profitable sheep and to produce a richly nourished, long stapled, wool with pronounced character and superior processing qualities. Cromarty breeds genetically fine sheep that will hold their micron, even under the very best seasonal and pastoral conditions. Cromarty also focuses in producing fertile, easy care sheep that are worm and blow fly resistant.

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