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Healthy rams available from Cromarty

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Cromarty  trades healthy rams and provides details such as breeding information, micron, CV of micron, yield, CFW per cent, fibre curvature, standard deviation of fibre curvature, comfort factor and histogram results. All rams are shorn in September, fleece weighed, visually classed in the shed and notes made.

Later wool samples are taken, tested by New England Fibre Testing (N.E.F.T) at Walcha by using the O.F.D.A. Rams to be sold with current tests taken in December. Cromarty has been involved in two processing trials over the past four years to understand the types of wools.

The results of these trials confirm the soft, deep crimping wools along with processing advantages like the reduced fibre breakage, longer hauteur, and more garments per kilogram of greasy wool. The Semen sire Cromarty Zen won the Reserve Supreme Champion Fleece and the Champion Super Ultrafine Fleece in 2002 at the Elders National Elite Fleece Competition. His wool is richly nourished, long stapled, very well aligned and it also shows pronounced character. Cromarty is situated 11km west of Ben Lomond on the western fall of the Northern Tablelands. The soil in the area is heavily fertilised ranging from black basalt through chocolate basalt to red basalt.

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