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Pest Control Products - Amulet Cue-Lure Insecticides

Population Reduction and Population Monitoring of Male Fruit Flies
Crop Care’s Amulet Cue-Lure is used for population reduction and population monitoring of male fruit flies responding to Cue-Lure:
  • Crop Care Amulet Cue-Lure Fruit Fly Stations are passive bait devices designed to attract and subsequently kill certain male Dacine fruit flies responding to the parapheromone Cue-Lure
  • They attract flies for significant distances and their function is to deplete a population of male fruit flies so females are unable to mate or produce fertile eggs
  • For optimal fruit fly control, Amulet Cue-Lure must be used in conjunction with weekly insecticide application, or other pest control methods such as cover sprays with products registered for this purpose
  • Amulet Cue-Lure contains Fipronil 3.4g/kg, 4-(p-Acetoxyphenyl) – 2 – Butanone 94g/kg
  • Amulet-Cue Lure is a moulded recycled paper fly station, natural insecticide which is designed to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to high volume fruit crop cover sprays
  • The unique formulation delivery system for fipronil and the male fruit fly pheromone, enables growers to effectively control male fruit fly populations
  • Protein baiting to control females is carried out in conjunction with the Amulet Cue-Lure technology

For further information on Amulet Cue-Lure Insecticides or Biological Insecticides please contact Crop Care Australasia on the details below.

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