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Achieve WG Tralkoxydim Herbicide

Crop Management: Herbicide (Tralkoxydim active constituent)
Post Emergent WG Herbicide for the control of  wild oats and annual ryegrass in:
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Triticale
  • Cereal Rye
Benefits of Post Emergent WG Herbicides (Tralkoxydim)
Achieve herbicide contains 400g/kg of tralkoxydim, a high performing active on annual ryegrass and wild oats. Developed for Australasian conditions Achieve is available in a water dispersible granule formulation for user convenience and has introduced significant end user benefits for protection of your crops:
  • Achieve is the only dim herbicide in cereals
  • Rapid rain fastness, Achieve is rain fast in 30 minutes
  • Broad spectrum grass activity controlling annual ryegrass, wild oats and phalaris
  • Reduced product volume means storage and handling for the rural community
  • Reduced transport, handling and storage costs for distribution
  • Disposable packaging: Cardboard packaging allows the end user to easily dispose of the packaging following product use
  • Concentrated formulation: lower use rates, and provides reduced container management concerns for the end user
  • Easy to measure and use for herbicide application: Achieve can be measured by weight or volumetrically
For maximum performance Achieve requires the specifically developed adjuvant, Supercharge and it is the only adjuvant registered for use with Achieve.

In all cases 750mL per 100L (0.75%) of spray solution should be used. Exceptions are where dry soil conditions exist where 1L per 100L (1.0%) spray solution may assist in improving weed control. For aerial application Supercharge should be applied at 1.0L / 100L (1.0%) spray solution.
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