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SuSCon Green

suSCon Green is a controlled release granular insecticide for the control of the larvae of a range of soil insect pests, including black vine weevil and sciarid fly in potting media for container grown plants

suSCon Incecticide Features

  • suSCon Green contains 100g/kg of the insecticide chlorpyrifos, which is contained within 1mm diameter dark green spherical granules based on a polymer matrix.
  • The suSCon technology utilises polymers (plastics) as carriers to extend the period of effectiveness of inherently non-persistent insecticides.
  • suSCon Green is a 1mm granule containing 100 g/kg of chlorpyrifos.
  • It is designed to allow sustained and controlled release of the active ingredient.
  • Soil moisture progressively releases the active ingredient from the granule into the soil where it controls insect pests before being degraded.
  • suSCon Green has been extensively trialed in grape vine (Vitis vinfera) rootling plantings
Crop Care trials with suSCon Green have shown a significant increase in the number of surviving vines and the level of early vigour and growth.

suSCon Incecticide Benefits

  • Increased numbers of surviving vines
  • Better early vigour
  • Improved growth
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