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Crop Protectants - Arrow C Seed Dressing Flowable Seed Treatments

Disease Protection - Arrow C Flowable Seed Treatment from Crop Care
Arrow C Flowable is a flowable seed dressing treatment used for wheat and barley in order to protect against various diseases as well as providing protection against insect pests in stored grain.

Arrow C Flowable seed treatment can be used to combat
  • Bunts
  • Smuts
  • Foliar diseases of seedlings
  • Insects in stored grain

Features of Arrow C Flowable Seed Treatment
Arrow C Seed Dressing Flowable can be applied at any time from sowing to harvesting

  • Treated seed can be kept for sowing in the next season
  • May be applied neat or diluted with water
  • Should not be mixed with any other product
  • Contains cypermethrin for defense against insect pests in stored grain.

Please visit the Crop Care website for further information on Arrow C Flowable Seed Treatment and their range of crop protection and seeding products.

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