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Fungal Disease Control - Flutriafol Fungicide from Crop Care

Foliar Fungicides - Flutriafol Fungicide
Crop Cares Flutriafol Fungicide is an effective weapon used for the control of particular fungal diseases. It can be mixed with fertilizer or applied as a foliar spray. 

Flutriafol Fungicide Protects
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Canola
Why use Flutriafol Fungicides to Protect your Seedlings?
Flutriafol Fungicide remains one of very few compounds to reach and disinfect the embryo of the seed
  • Flutriafol Fungicide is an excellent control of embryo borne diseases particularly bunt and smuts
  • Control of Microdochium nivale seedling blight and barley leaf stripe can also achieved
  • Flutriafol Fungicide's systemicity makes sure it is distributed throughout any emerging seedlings

For further information on this fungicide and other disease treatments please contact Crop Care today.


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