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Imidan 150 Insecticide, Pest Control Products

Crop Control and Crop Protectants
Imidan 150 is an insecticide that controls the following pests in cereal rye and pasture seeds:
  • Red Legged Earth Mites
  • Blue Oat Mites
  • Lucerne Flea

Imidan 150 crop protectant can be applied using:

  • Boomsprays
  • Misting Machines
  • Aerial Applications

Benefits of Imidan 150 Insecticides

  • Imidan 150 gives between 7-10 days residual control of the key pests and can be used as a bare earth spray or early season post emergent when there is foliage and bare earth present
  • Imidan 150 has short withholding periods, two days for pastures and Lucerne and seven days for cereals
  • Used in the aid of crop management, seed treatments and pest control

Please click on the link below for further information on Imidan Insecticides and crop protection from Crop Care Australasia.

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