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Crop Protectants - SuSCon Blue Insecticide

SuSCon Blue Insecticide
Crop Care’s suSCon Blue insecticide controls canegrub for up to three years using sustained scale insect control technology.

  • suSCon Blue is a 140g/kg granular formulation of the soil insecticide chlorpyrifos. 
  • Chlorpyrifos belongs to the organophosphate group of insecticides and is widely used throughout the world as a soil insecticides and insect repellents.
  • The granules are blue, cylindrical in shape with a nominal diameter of 2.2 mm and a nominal length of 2 mm.
  • suSCon Blue is packed in a 20 kg multiwall kraft (paper) valve sack bag.
  • The suSCon technology utilises polymers (plastics) as carriers to extend the period of effectiveness of inherently non-persistent insecticides.
  • For example, chlorpyrifos, the active ingredient of suSCon Blue, has an effective control period of 1 to 3 months in the soil, depending on the soil type and the soil conditions.
  • By incorporating chlorpyrifos into the polymer matrix, the effective control period is extended to "up to three years", depending on the soil type and environmental conditions.

For further information on SuSCon Blue Insecticide and natural insecticides from Crop Care Australasia please visit our website.

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