Diurex 900WG Herbicide from Crop Care

Diurex 900WG Herbicide from Crop Care
Diurex 900WG Herbicide from Crop Care

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Broadleaf Weed Control - Diurex 900WG Herbicides

Diurex 900WG herbicide controls broad leaf weeds and grasses in crops. Its granule formulation provides end user convenience and introduced significant end user benefits.

Broadleaf Control - Diurex Features:

  • Crop Care’s Diurex 900WG Herbicide is used for the control of broadleaf weeds and grasses in crops and for long term non-crop weed control and weed management.
  • Diurex WG contains 900g/kg of diuron - a widely used active ingredient in many Australasian markets.
  • Crop management of summer grass and crops
Benefits of using Diurex 900WG Herbicide:
  • Disposable packaging - Cardboard packaging allows the end user to easily dispose of the packaging following product use reducing on farm packaging issues.
  • Concentrated formulation - means lower use rates, and provides reduced container management concerns for the end user.
  • Reduced product volume has meant easier storage and handling for the rural community.
  • Easy to measure and use - Diurex can be measured by weight or volumetrically.
  • Easier management of product spillage - As a WG it is easier to clean up and retrieve if product spillage occurs.

For more information on Diurex 900WG Herbicide, please visit the website at the link below.

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