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Growers Start Protecting Crops with Vivando as Conditions Warm Up

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article image Untreated Powdery Mildew

Even though there had been an unusually cool start to this year’s main northern cucurbit season, growers are still busy preparing to protect their crops against the forthcoming warmer conditions. This includes protection against the fungal disease powdery mildew.

Justin Martin, A&B Rural Field Officer Ayr, said several growers had been using Crop Care’ s fungicide Vivando to fight against the potential of powdery mildew in their crops.

“The aim is to keep the crop as clean as possible, to hold powdery mildew at bay before it really sets in with the warmer temperatures of August/September,” says Martin.

“Several growers are trying to the new protectant fungicide Vivando for the first time – especially those growers who have had the problems with powdery mildew resistance to Amistar. Their aim is to avoid starting their spray program with a fungicide from the same fungicide group, which has been displaying some level of resistance.”

Vivando, from Crop Care, is based on the active ingredient metrafenone, which belongs to the U8 group of fungicides. Vivando’s 14 day long-lasting activity allows for longer spray intervals, it is rainfast after an hour of spraying and offers vapour activities to help extend the protectant coverage on the crops.

Martin reminds growers to be mindful that good protection against powdery mildew only comes from good plant coverage with a protectant fungicide.

“Growers may try to reduce the spray volume – to get over more area more quickly, and to reduce the number of refilling stops. That maybe okay when the plants are smaller, but as crop size increases, the result may be poor disease control and a wasted application,” says Martin.

“If you want any fungicide to work and do a good job, you need to put on sufficient volume to the point of runoff and have the sprayer set up for even coverage throughout the crop canopy. This is particularly important from here on, as crop growth increases with the warming weather.”

“Care should be taken to achieve adequate spray coverage of the older leaves in the front lower part of the canopy – as these are the most susceptible to powdery mildew.”

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