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Intergrated Pest Management - Betamite 300WG Miticides

Crop Care’s Betamite 300WG Miticide is a water dispersible granule for mite control of a range of mites in:

  • Apples
  • Stone fruit
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Passionfruit
  • Vegetables
  • Ornamentals
Betamite® 300WG miticide contains propargite.

The active in Betamite has a proven and reliable record when it comes to long lasting mite control. 

Miticide Benefits
  • Excellent dust free granular formulation
  • Highly active on mobile mites
  • Perfectly suitable for integrated pest management
  • Specific activity on mites
  • Kills mites which are resistant to other chemicals
  • Short withholding period
  • Broad crop registration
  • Compatible with many other products
  • Improves fruit quality and crop control
Betamite controls mites that are resistant to other chemicals
Betamite is effective on Two-spotted mite and European red mite. With no recorded case of mite resistance, Betamite controls mites that are resistant to other chemicals.

Suitable for IPM:
Betamite is specific to mites and doesn’t affect bees or beneficial insects so is suitable for integrated pest management programs.
If predatory mites are being used, some caution is required. Use the lower rates (100g/100L) specified for apples and stone fruit where biological control of mites is being practised.

Two-pronged attack
Betamite kills mites on contact and keeps on controlling emerging mites for up to two weeks by residual action, giving you long lasting mite control. 

Protect crops
Betamite offers protection for stone fruits, apples, vegetable crops, bananas, strawberries and ornamental plants.
The withholding period is only three to seven days depending on the crop.

Use Betamite early
Early treatment of low level populations is recommended as the most effective means of control. Betamite is relatively slow-acting, but mite activity decreases and feeding ceases after contact.

Easy application
  • Apply Betamite as a high volume spray before mites reach damaging levels.
  • Further applications may be necessary later in the season.
  • It is essential to apply the correct rate per hectare.
  • Ensure complete coverage of crop plant, paying special attention to achieving proper coverage to the tops and centres of mature fruit trees.
  • Betamite works best in warm to hot weather as it has considerable vapour action, acting as a fumigant to kills mites.
  • Use Betamite in a tank mix as the knockdown miticide in your resistance management strategy.

For more information on Betamite 300WG Miticide, please visit the website at the link below.

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