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Grass Weed Control - Factor WG Herbicide

Post emergent WG herbicides for the control of certain grasses in broadleaf crops. 

Post Emergent Herbicide Features and Benefits:

Factor controls grass weeds very quickly
Meaning less early competition from weeds during the vital stage that can determine yield set.

Superior Dim Chemistry
Annual Rye Grass Control - annual rye grass populations are becoming increasingly resistant to fop and /or dim herbicides. However trials conducted by independent weed researchers have shown that in many of these situations Factor can still achieve good control.

The use of Factor will not avoid the development of resistance, nor will it bring on resistance quicker than any other grass herbicide. Factor maximises your group A options for grass control in broadleaf crops.

Option of Fop Mixing Partner
Gives the flexibility of choosing your own fop mix partner dependant on situation

Wide Crop and Pasture Spectrum
Factor is now registered on all the major winter and summer oilseed, grain legume and pasture legume species grown in Australia.

Granule with Excellent Dispersion Properties
Factor is one of the best granules of its type to be produced and disperses easily when simply poured into a half full spray tank with the agitation engaged.

Rainfast within 30 minutes
The weed control product has a 30 minute rainfast feature which is handy considering that most spraying is being carried out in the middle of winter when rain can easily interrupt operation.

For more information on Factor WG Herbicide and other weed management systems, please visit the website.

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