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Spray Additives - Primabuff Sprays

Multipurpose Bio Degradable Adjuvant
Crop Care’s Primabuff is a multi purpose adjuvant containing a pH indicator for use as a wetting, spreading, penetrating, acidifying, buffering and compatibility aid with alkaline sensitive pesticides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers.

Benefits of the Primabuff Spraying Equipment
  • Primabuff Bio Degradable Adjuvant is an adjuvant containing a combination of non-ionic components and is suitable for use with ground and aerial applied sprays
  • The wetting agent reduces and buffers the pH of the spray solution
  • These crop fertilisers contains a unique pH indicator that turns the colour of the spray water pink when the optimum pH range of 4.5 to 5.5 has been reached
  • Primabuff Bio-Degradable Adjuvant has excellent wetting spreading properties thereby helping to reduce the possibility of chemical damage to the plant caused by concentrated droplets
  • Primabuff Bio Degradable Adjuvant improves cuticular penetration and increases plant uptake of systemic herbicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers
  • Primabuff Bio Degradable Adjuvant prevents rapid hydrolysis of alkaline sensitive pesticides such as glyphosate, organo phosphates, carbamates, synthetic pyrethroids and chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Primabuff Bio Degradable Adjuvant improves the compatibility of emulsifiable concentrates with foliar fertilizers
  • Primabuff contains Nonoxinol-9 266.2g/L, Phosphoric Acid Derivatives 375.1g/L
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