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Senator 600 Uncoloured

Senator 600 Uncoloured Flowable Seed Treatment
Crop Care's Senator 600 Seed Treatment is a flowable treatment containing 600g/L of imidacloprid. This seed treatment is highly effective in the defense of cotton seeds, canola seeds, lupins and cereals.

What are the Benefits of Using Senator 600 Uncoloured Seed Treatments?
Senator 600 Flowable Seed Treatment protects a number of crops against a vast range of insects pest attacks.

  • Senator 600 Seed treatment protects Cotton against Thrips, Brown Flea Beetles, Aphids and Wireworms
  • Maize, Sorgum, Sunflower and Sweet Corn against Balck Field Earwigs, Wingless Cockroach, Field Cricket, Black Sunflower Scarab and many types of Wireworm
  • Canola against Aphids 
  • Lupins, Forage and Pasture Seeds against Redlegged Earth Mite and Blue Oat Mite
  • Senator 600 Seed Treatment also prevents the spread of barley yellow dwarf in cereal crops

For further details on these crop protection products with insect resistance please visit the website or contact Crop Care today.


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