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Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer from Croplands Equipment

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Croplands Equipment offers a range of mist tower sprayers designed to offer superior efficiency on agricultural farms, orchards and vineyards.  

Quantum Mist tower sprayers feature advanced spray head technology that saves time and money for the user whilst providing better coverage.  

Quantum Mist tower sprayers feature six lightweight axial Quantum Mist fans mounted on a vertical tower.  

The fans deliver high volume turbulent air and can be easily directed to specific parts of the canopy improving overall coverage, reducing drift and making it ideal for applying chemical thinning sprays, bud-breaker compounds as well as seasonal growth regulators.  

“If I hadn’t purchased the Tower Sprayer we would have had to purchase two air blast sprayers, which would have cost more to get the same area sprayed. I would have had to employ an extra driver too,” says Brendon Downey, owner of Brookfield Farms.  

Assisted by a self-contained hydraulic power-pack, a low HP tractor trailing a Tower Sprayer can save up to 30% more fuel than a conventional air-blast sprayer.  

The low spray pressure of the Tower Sprayer (between 3-12 bar) compared to 20-30 bar for air blast sprayers reduces wear on all components of the spray system including the pump, nozzles, electric valves and flow meter resulting in potential savings on annual sprayer maintenance.  

Mr. Downey also notes the sprayer’s faster ground speed has increased efficiency on his property.  

“I like the concept of getting across the ground quicker. Early in the season when the buds are breaking we get the sprayer up to 12km per hour. Later in the season we run it about 8km per hour but even at the faster speed the Tower Sprayer provides better coverage than our air blast.”  

With Quantum Mist technology the fans are hydraulically driven wherein air output can be controlled independent of the tractor’s HP. This can potentially result in faster spraying speeds.  

Spraying with the Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer reduces water rates per hectare - currently between 15-30% less than conventional rates – reducing the time spent traveling back and forth to filling stations.  

“We can spray up to 80 acres in a day at 250L/ha. A fill takes about 3½ hours to spray out with the Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer so we don’t need to keep filling up. The air blast sprayer struggles to do half that in a day.”  

“The Tower Sprayer can handle the wind better than a normal air blast sprayer too as the chemical is already at the top of the tree.”  

Mr. Downey, who grows both apples and wine grapes on his 300-acre property, has purchased several Croplands sprayers over the years and uses the Tower Sprayer to spray his 100-acre vineyard as well.  

“We use the Tower Sprayer to spray our wine grapes too by shutting off the top two heads to avoid chemical wastage.”  

Quantum Mist spray technology has been used in many horticultural crops including grapes, citrus, kiwifruit, berries as well as apples and was specifically developed to reduce growers’ application and operational costs.

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