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Quantum Mist crop sprayers from Croplands Equipment delivers exceptional coverage

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article image Alf Strano with his Linkage Quantum Mist crop sprayer at his Passionfruit farm in Far North Queensland

Queensland grower Alf Strano is very happy with the Linkage Quantum Mist crop sprayer he uses to spray his Passionfruit vines. He says the Quantum Mist fans deliver exceptional coverage and disease control, saving him time and money.

Quantum Mist spray technology, from Croplands Equipment , delivers chemical directly onto the canopy providing exceptional coverage for maximum crop protection. The spray heads are purpose built to deliver optimum airflow and consistent airspeed across the five-blade fan area. The fast air thrust can deliver up to 2500 RPM and provide up to 30% more coverage than traditional air blasters.

A concentrated application of target spray resulting in less chemical drift is provided with Quantum Mist crop sprayers. With flexible angling of fan heads and adjustable proximity to the crop, direct air movement offers growers superior control and even distribution of chemical spray.

When time came to replace the old one fan traditional air blaster, Mr. Strano knew he needed better coverage. He saw the advantages of Quantum Mist spray head technology immediately.

The Linkage Quantum Mist crop sprayer features a 500 or 700 Litre UV stabilised polyethylene tank with rear-mounted pump and 3 point filtration system and a heavy-duty galvanised frame that delivers maximum strength and durability. Two or four QM380mm Quantum Mist fans can be easily mounted on fully adjustable arms and brackets. The fans are driven by tractor hydraulics while the sprayer unit connects to the tractor and is driven by the PTO, making the spraying equipment the ideal set up for specialised horticulture and vine crops.

Quantum Mist spray technology is ideal for a variety of applications and is widely used in tree and vine crops and ground cover crops. The system can easily match grower needs across all growing conditions.

High rainfall and humid growing conditions in Far North Queensland requires high frequency spraying to control and prevent fungal disease.

Croplands Dealer and Sales Agronomist David Doolan from GF Rural Innisfail says the Linkage Quantum Mist is “an ideal set up for Passionfruit and does a beautiful job.”

Quantum Mist crop spraying technology is easy to use, and safe. Mr Strano says he leaves the fans set to the angle he wants and likes the fact that the spray heads fold in and tuck away. 

Alf Strano is a third generation cane farmer. He owns Frampton Gully Passionfruit and grows twenty three hundred vines on his six-acre Passionfruit farm twenty kilometres south of Innisfail in Far North Queensland. He also conducts new variety trials for the Australian Passionfruit Industry Association (APIA).

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