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Single Row Quantum Mist Sprayer from Croplands used at commerical blueberry farm

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article image Mr. Jesset with the BerryExchange Quantum Mist Sprayer

Four years ago, BerryExchange Horticultural Manager, George Jessett introduced the Single Row Quantum Mist Sprayer to Australia’s largest commercial blueberry farm, and, so confident in the results, twelve months later purchased another one from Croplands Equipment .

Quantum Mist spray systems are purpose built to deliver significant gains in operational efficiencies on the ground. Variable spraying speeds and the single or multi-row application advantages of Quantum Mist Sprayers are proven to reduce horsepower reliance, lower fuel consumption and deliver energy efficient, accurate application of chemical spray. 

Quantum Mist spray systems are fuel-efficient and easy to use, and Mr. Jesset believes his investment has reduced running costs and is saving BerryExchange money.

“Because the spray system relies on using less tractor horsepower, our running costs are lower. We have gained 20-30% reductions in fuel use”, says Jessett.

“The advantage with this technology is we can adjust fan speeds down low to reduce drift, match the spray heads to the height of the bushes and get chemical spray straight to the leaf area”, he adds.

The hydraulically driven lightweight axial Quantum Mist spray system fans are easily set to the angle, size and height of the crop, minimising chemical drift and chemical waste.

Offering flexibility with fan speed and spray application rates, Quantum Mist spray heads deliver high volume, turbulent directional air that provides up to 30% more coverage than traditional sprayers, resulting in optimum plant protection and disease control.

Mr. Jessett nominates flexibility with spray volume and improved efficacy as major advantages in using the Quantum Mist spray system as part of his plant protection program.

“We need to get better spray effectiveness and improve rust control. This system allows us to move to higher volume spray rates to get better coverage and improve chemical deposition with adjuvants," he says.

An experienced Horticulturalist and user of Croplands sprayers, Mr. Jessett has an appreciation for the benefits of Quantum Mist spray systems and is keen to discuss all the advantages of the Single Row spray system.

“I’ve had really good results with this system. It can handle the terrain, get over the ground faster and get a lot better results with spraying," he says.

The Single Row Quantum Mist Sprayer is available in a 1000, 1500, 2000 or 3000 litre, Australian made, UV-stabilised trailing tank. Built for durability, an optional self-steering drawbar is vital for negotiating tight turns and the heavy-duty tandem suspension axle offers excellent terrain stability, providing operators with total peace of mind.

Conscious of doing the right thing by the local community and noting the quiet operation of Quantum Mist Sprayers Mr. Jessett credits Croplands sprayers as quiet in comparison to alternative spray technologies.

Mr. Jesset also likes the “easy to use” in cab controller in the Quantum Mist Sprayer. The fully programmable HV4000 Auto Rate Controller is a fitted option. Operators can see spray settings on the easy-to-read LCD screen and quickly make programme adjustments to suit the application.

Quantum Mist Sprayers are the ideal choice for horticulture production and are already widely used in orchards, vineyards, tree and ground cover crops. Quantum Mist spray systems are designed to provide producers with reliable performance, better coverage for premium crop quality and lower production cost benefits.

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