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Croplands Equipment 1386 Rogator self propelled crop sprayer produces high paddock efficiencies
14.06.2011 - Trevor Walters of North West Victoria has thanked the operating efficiencies of his new Croplands Equipment 1386 Rogator crop sprayer for getting them through unusual and tough rainfall.
Victorian crop sprayer attributes productivity increase to new 1386 Rogator self propelled crop sprayer from Croplands Equipment
13.06.2011 - North West Victorian contract sprayer Haydn Bailey believes his Croplands Equipment self propelled Rogator is the ideal crop sprayer when it comes to reliability and productivity maximisation.
Cropland Equipment Quantum mist sprayer smooths strawberry season
08.06.2011 - Tasmanian strawberry growers, D M Jennings and Sons deliver quality produce, with help from a Cropland Equipment Quantum Mist sprayer.
Rogator self propelled sprayers from Croplands
11.04.2011 - The operating efficiencies of the new 1386 Cropland Equipment Rogator self propelled sprayer have proved their worth.
Improved drive system boosts RoGator sprayers’ performance
18.02.2011 - Enhancements to the 994, 1194 and1396 model RoGator sprayers from Croplands Equipment take them to the next level from a technical standpoint.
Croplands turf sprayers meets top turf demands
15.02.2011 - King Borough Council requires its Croplands turf sprayer to undertake between 10 to 12 hours a week.
Croplands 7650 Spra Coupe Spraying Machine Gets into Top Gear for NSW Spray Contractors
01.11.2010 - A recently-purchased Croplands 7650 Spra Coupe spraying machine from Croplands Equipment is just getting into stride for Willow Tree-based spray contractors Col and Sally McKenzie.
Spray Log Books Now Available to Aid in Spray Management from Croplands Equipment
09.09.2010 - Croplands Equipment supplies a comprehensive range of agricultural equipment for crop management.
Ramsey Bros Awarded South Australian Broadacre Dealer of the Year by Croplands Equipment
30.08.2010 - Family-owned machinery dealer Ramsey Bros have been awarded Broadacre Dealer of the Year by Croplands Equipment for the period 2009-2010.
Powerful Pegasus 8000 Sprayer Joins the Croplands Family
27.08.2010 - Croplands Equipment is a manufacturer of spraying equipment for all markets related to crop protection and land management.
Linkage Quantum Mist Sprayer from Croplands Equipment
06.07.2010 - Croplands Equipment offers a range of sprayer equipment for spraying applications in farms, orchards and vineyards.
RoGator Self-Propelled Boomsprayer from Croplands Equipment
05.07.2010 - Croplands Equipment specialises in a diverse range of chemical spraying equipment for agricultural farms and vineyards.
Spra Coupe 4660 Sprayers from Croplands Equipment
02.07.2010 - Croplands Equipment offers a range of self-propelled sprayers and boomsprayers for diverse agricultural applications.
RoGator 1286C Boomsprayer from Croplands Equipment
01.07.2010 - Croplands Equipment offers a range of crop sprayers with multiple advantages for farmers and growers.
Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer from Croplands Equipment
30.06.2010 - Croplands Equipment offers a range of mist tower sprayers designed to offer superior efficiency on farms, orchards and vineyards.
Croplands and Nufarm form valued relationship in crop spraying industry
23.06.2010 - An increasing number of farmers value the Croplands-Nufarm relationship for the spectrum of spray and chemical products available, including Pegasus trailed boomsprayers.
Croplands RoGator 1084 self-propelled sprayer provides product lift on NSW farm
22.06.2010 - Gilgandra, NSW farmer Keith Mudford recently traded his Croplands Spray Coupe self-propelled sprayer on a Croplands RoGator 1084 self-propelled sprayer.
Single Row Quantum Mist Sprayer from Croplands used at commerical blueberry farm
21.06.2010 - Four years ago, BerryExchange Horticultural Manager, George Jessett introduced the Single Row Quantum Mist Sprayer from Croplands Equipment to Australia’s largest commercial Blueberry farm.
NSW farm manager switches to Croplands Equipment Pegasus 6000 trailed boomsprayer
17.06.2010 - NSW farm manager, Lloyd Johnstone, upgraded to a Croplands Equipment Pegasus 6000 trailed boomsprayer to increase productivity, and now he is easily completing 400ha a day.
Self-propelled RoGator boom sprayers from Croplands Equipment
15.06.2010 - Croplands Equipment now have “automatic” self-propelled RoGator boom sprayers which utilise precision agriculture technology to make processes faster and simpler.
Rogator sprayer from Croplands Equipment provides cost efficiencies for Gilgandra farmer
29.09.2009 - When Gilgandra, NSW farming mates David Jackson and Darren Murray struck up a conversation on cost efficiencies of spraying earlier this year, they settled on one conclusion.
Croplands receives national award for innovation in spraying technology
16.09.2009 - The Australian Annual 2009 Wine Industry Suppliers Association (WISA) supplier of the year awards were held the National Wine Centre in Adelaide, South Australia on 31 July.
Quantum Mist crop sprayers from Croplands Equipment delivers exceptional coverage
14.09.2009 - Queensland grower Alf Strano is very happy with the Linkage Quantum Mist crop sprayer he uses to spray his Passionfruit vines.
Quantum Mist Tower crop sprayers from Croplands Equipment
11.09.2009 - Quantum Mist Tower crop sprayers from Croplands Equipment feature six, lightweight axial Quantum Mist fans that are mounted on a vertical tower.
Sprayer equipment from Croplands Equipment
16.07.2008 - Croplands Equipment provides a complete range of Broadacre spray equipment including Pegasus, Pinto and Brumby series suitable for agricultural application. The different series of Pegasus includes 4000, 5000 and 6000 litre trailing sprayers from 21
Efficient sprayers for horticulture available from Croplands Equipment
15.07.2008 - Croplands Equipment distributes efficient sprayers like Quantum Mist vineyard sprayer, Cropliner, Cropliner Tower Sprayer, Citrus Tower sprayer, Herbiliner and Kiwiliner Sprayer suitable for horticultural application.
Self propelled RoGator sprayers available from Croplands Equipment
14.07.2008 - Croplands Equipment supplies high quality Rogator 874, 1074 and 1074C models of self propelled sprayers specifically designed to suit all major crop protection equipment.
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