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Forage grasses from Cropmark Seeds Australia

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Cropmark Seeds Australia  specialised in producing healthy different types of forage grasses through its plant breeding program. These grasses help in developing high performance pasture varieties to livestock farming systems.

The different types of forage grasses include matrix enhanced Ryegrass, Revolution AR1 enhanced ryegrass, Andy Westerwolds Annual Ryegrass and many more. The matrix enhanced Ryegrass is a type of meadow fescue and perennial ryegrass parentage that has high ME and digestibility. It has overall disease resistance to rusts and net blotch.

The Revolution AR1 enhanced ryegrass type of forage grass from Cropmark Seeds Australia is a fine leaf with dense tillered and late heading variety that has high forage quality. Laboratory test has proved that contain higher metabolisable energy levels than other varieties tested. This variety will not cause grass staggers or heat stress on livestock.

As with the Andy Westerwolds Annual Ryegrass from Cropmark Seeds Australia has large upright leafy tillers and has low seed dormancy. It is suitable for intermediate crop cycles. It does not tolerate summer dry conditions, it is suitable for winter feed crop.

Cropmark Seeds Australia has recently released Sonik Italian Ryegrass that features with fine leaf, soft, lush highly digestible leaves and is densely tillered with late heading diploid Italian ryegrass. It is strong and can be cropped over every season. It is noted for its strong autumn-winter growth activity.

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