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Healthy clovers and herbs from Cropmark Seeds Australia

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Cropmark Seeds Australia  specialises in providing innovative and professional plant breeding programmes that are used in the production of quality clovers and herbs that are resistance to various diseases. The different types of clovers and herbs produced include the Demand NZ White Clover and Chico Dependable Chicory.

The Demand NZ White Clover is a medium leafed, white clover ideal for general purposes. It is suitable for sheep and cattle with quality spring – summer production. The Demand NZ White Clover from Cropmark Seeds Australia has a high nitrogen fixation ability, tolerance to pest and leaf diseases and consists of more densely branched stolons.

The Chico Dependable Chicory from Cropmark Seeds Australia is a high yielding, leafy chicory that displays upright growth with a quick establishment. It can withstand drought conditions and is suitable for Australian climatic environment. The Chico Dependable Chicory is known for its quality summer and autumn growth providing high quality summer forage.

The plant breeding programmes from Cropmark Seeds Australia deliver inter-species and crosses that result from traits of different parent plant species. This creates a unique pasture variety that could give significant performance improvements over traditional alternatives.

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