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Soil moisture monitoring service from Cropsol Soil & Irrigation Management

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Cropsol Soil & Irrigation Management  part of Cropsol Group offers professional irrigation management services including soil moisture monitoring and water control suitable for agricultural industry. The team is specialised in designing monitoring system using advanced technology suitable for individual situations.

Cropsol Soil & Irrigation Management can also install and help customers in maintaining these systems. To name a few applications of these soil moisture monitoring and water control units includes soil moisture monitoring, salinity monitoring, water level monitoring and wastewater.

The soil moisture monitoring system features with a constant logging sensor that can be installed in the rootzone of the crop. This increase both yield and quality for customers. They can also manipulate plant growth and can predict irrigation run times and daily water use.

With the soil moisture monitoring system customers can avoid water logging in an area and also under watering. This system reduces fertiliser wastage. As for the water flow monitoring system, it can be accessed by remote and gives a constant water flow data. With this water flow monitoring system customers can control irrigation pumps and valves, they can also manage tail water drainage and calculate irrigation efficiencies.

Customers are benefited by the salinity monitoring system that has different levels of salinity in the soil and irrigation water. With monitoring service, customers can track fertilisers in terms of irrigation and can monitor uptake by plants.

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