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Soil testing investigation services from Cropsol Soil & Irrigation Management

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Cropsol Soil & Irrigation Management , part of the Cropsol Group, offers unique services to irrigators with a range of soil testing investigations that can match up to specific requirements with suitable soil analysis and remote sensing facilities. Customers can proceed with soil tests for many reasons including a pre-purchase farm inspection and reporting.

Soil testing can also be used to identify poor performance areas, and determine strategies for improvement, including salinity problems. The service from Cropsol Soil & Irrigation Management can calculate regarding the readily available water holding (RAW) capacities and can also map irrigation management units to enhance customer production.

These soil tests provided by Cropsol Soil & Irrigation Management also assist customers with planting layouts and irrigation design. A penetrometer testing can be carried out to assess areas of soil compaction. An infiltration testing can also be done to assist in pivot and lateral irrigator design.

Cropsol Soil & Irrigation Management uses networked weather stations to monitor climate conditions in many agricultural applications. These stations can be strategically placed within crop canopies to examine conditions related to the crop. Later the information from the remote weather stations can be combined wit the advanced computer software to detect potential disease outbreaks in many crops.

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