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Harvesting Equipment available from Crouch Rural

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Crouch Rural  provides agricultural harvesting equipment including the 70 Series STS combine harvesters manufactured by John Deere. The harvesting equipment has the capacity to performance in all crops and conditions with its unique Single Tyne Separator (STS) system. This system is used to give a quality crop handling performance as well as with high levels of productive capacity, and quality of harvested grain.

There are four different configurations available with the 70 Series STS combine harvester model that ranges from 197 to 328 kilowatts and with grain tanks from 8800 to 10600 litres accordingly. The model has an effective grain handling capacity. It is made with a 328 kW 13.5 L PowerTech Plus engine.

The 70 Series STS combine harvester available from Crouch Rural also features with a Dyna-Flo II cleaning system that functions with a speed range of 500 to 1200 rotations per minute that allows the air volume to the crop and conditions for a clean-grain tank sample.

The agricultural harvesting equipment is available with an optional redesigned PowerCast tailboard feature. The PowerCast can be adjusted with the spread width. The redesigned wing blade fine cut straw chopper is standard on all 70 Series STS Combines harvesters.

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