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Aerosol products from Crump Spreaders Australia

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Crump Spreaders Australia  supplies a complete range of high quality agricultural lubricant products and aerosols and the MD-4 and Prima silicone spray, manufactured by Morris lubricants. The MD-4 aerosol was designed with a low surface tension, while the Prima silicone spray has been designed as a multipurpose product. The Prima silicone spray cleans, restores and protects surfaces at the same time.

The MD-4 from Crump Spreaders Australia can penetrate fluids with effective corrosion protection properties. When the MD-4 is applied to wet parts it gets attracted to the underlying surface and completely displaces traces of water. This unique feature makes the MD-4 particularly useful as an engine damp start.

MD-4 can also effectively penetrate into fluids for releasing every size of corroded metal parts. Since it is designed for low surface tension, it gives helpful penetrating power MD-4 is available in 205 litre barrels, 25 litre drums and 4x5 litre cases and aerosol.

The Prima silicone spray, from Crump Spreaders Australia, is a blend of silicone, solvents and cleaners. It is easy to use and can be applied to all kinds of surfaces including chrome, plastic, stainless steel, vinyl and wood. Crump Spreaders Australia recommends the Prima silicone spray for all valeting jobs on bumpers, dashboards, vinyl seats and roofs, door trims, grills and motorcycles.

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