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Fertiliser spreaders from Crump Spreaders Australia

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Crump Spreaders Australia  distributes different models of fertiliser spreaders that may vary on tyre size, patterns and width due to different suppliers. Standard models of fertiliser spreaders always have fixed discharge points and a quantity control gate for accurate spreading.

Models like Kurrajong 1000, Kurrajong 4000, Kurrajong 2000, Acacia 1000, Kurrajong 1000- Turf series and Acacia 2000 are few of the fertiliser spreaders provided by Crump Spreaders Australia. The Kurrajong 1000 model has a maximum load capacity of 1000 Kilo grams hopper capacity. The overall dimension of Kurrajong 1000 measures 2.67 metre × 2.05 metre in height and it weight 350 kilograms, in case of an extension it would weigh 378 kilo grams.

The Kurrajong 4000 from Crump Spreaders Australia has a maximum load 4000 kilo gram with a hopper capacity of 3710 to 4280 kilo grams. It features with a powder coated hopper and frame. The main chassis of Kurrajong 4000 measures 230 × 75 × 25.1 kilo gram channel and 150 × 150 × 8 angle.

The Acacia 1000 model of fertiliser spreader supplied by Crump Spreaders Australia has a maximum load hopper capacity of 1000 kilo grams. The main chassis of Acacia 1000 model measures 75×75×6, or 100× 100 × 4 and 125× 75× 6 RHS. Hoppers of Acacia 1000 model extends into the free zone above the top linkage pin.

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