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Trough repair kits from Crystal Fix

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Crystal Fix  designs and manufactures Mr Crystal, the trough and concrete repair kit, suitable in repairing every leaking concrete tank and trough that is normally found in farms, small properties and households. Mr Crystal was specially designed to work on commercial grade concrete tanks and troughs

Mr Crystal helps in rejuvenating the concrete structures for the retention of liquid by the formation of insoluble crystals in the capillary tracts of the concrete. It is ideally used to repair cracked concrete tanks and stock troughs. Mr Crystal from Crystal Fix is an Australian made product that can be easily used by landholders. 

The official website of Crystal Fix provides the complete information on the product with instructions for application and a detailed frequently asked questions and answers along with comments. Crystal Fix specialised in the field of concrete tank and trough repairs. 

According to Crystal Fix concrete structures cracks due to ground movement, temperature expansion and contraction and loading. Mr Crystal is applied to the surface of the concrete and it is stimulated by the by-products of your existing concrete and hydration. Mr Crystal repairs the concrete by generating a chemical reaction with the concrete that turns out the growth of a non-soluble crystalline formation and finally becomes part of the structure itself.

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