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Electronic descaler from Crystalwater Enviro Technologies

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Crystalwater Enviro Technologies  specialises in providing effective ScaleBlaster for scale removal and descaling applications. These electronic descalers and water conditioners are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Scale is an accumulation of mineral deposits absorbed from a water stream that can be seen inside the pipe line.

Water passes through limestone, marble and other minerals and contains a dissolved form of calcium carbonate, commonly known as calcite in it. Once when this hard water is heated or when it evaporates, the calcite precipitates and forms layers in the pipe line. To help customers combat this problem, the ScaleBlaster system was developed by Crystalwater Enviro Technologies.

ScaleBlaster from Crystalwater Enviro Technologies can be easily installed; it does not require maintenance or any chemical or salts. It can be installed on every pipe, is non-invasive and ideal for several applications. The ScaleBlaster incorporates a circuitry system that provides a charge to a signal cable that can be wrapped around the pipe. The system also features an LED lights that indicates the functioning of the system is proper.

The signal cable produces an oscillating electric field that emits an inaudible sonic impulse and changes the electrical and physical properties of the scale-forming calcium molecules. This reaction changes the adhesive properties of the calcium carbonate crystals and other minerals to repel and it remains suspended in the water. This method stops further accumulation of scale.

The ScaleBlaster can eliminate scales deposited on sinks, faucets and shower heads, it reduces the water hardness and also reduces spotting on glassware. The ScaleBlaster increases the water pressure if restricted due to scale build-up. ScaleBlaster also reduces mould, mildew and corrosion that usually forms due to scaling. 

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