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Pool Water Purification systems from Crystalwater Enviro Technologies

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Crystalwater Enviro Technologies  specialised in water treatment and purification systems (CRYSTALWATER purification system) suitable for pools and spas. The purification systems are designed with advanced technology that uses safe, pure, natural minerals as the purifying agents. The CRYSTALWATER purification system uses a pair of scientifically formulated electrodes comprised of copper and silver which release ions into the water.

Crystalwater Enviro Technologies uses safe, natural minerals as the basis for its technology. The CRYSTALWATER purification system also uses a micro-processor that can releases a controllable low-voltage DC charge to the electrodes, releasing safe and natural mineral ions into the water.

The CRYSTALWATER purification system uses Oasis of mineral spring water. For over hundred years, chlorine has been perceived as the only way to disinfect water in swimming pools. Chlorine is a strong bleach and it could irritate swimmers eyes, ears, swimsuits and skin.

Chlorine also leads to erosion of the Earth's ozone layer. The ion unit can be installed within the pool pump and filtration system. Later an electrical charge is applied from a low-voltage (12 volt) transformer that can release both copper and silver ions from the specially formulated electrodes as the water flows through the unit.

The CRYSTALWATER purification system does not use chlorine but the electrodes are used. The copper-ions kill algae, while the silver-ions kill bacteria and viruses. Crystalwater Enviro Technologies recommends using artesian mineral bath that does not use corrosive and carcinogenic chlorines.

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