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Crystalwater Enviro Technologies  is an authorised dealer for the Mineral Pure Natural water purification system and other water treatment products. The Mineral Pure is designed using advanced technology. Its a natural colloidal silver that act as a generator for reverse osmosis systems.

Mineral Pure from Crystalwater Enviro Technologies is one of the effective water purification systems available in the industry. Mineral Pure was designed to be incorporated with any reverse osmosis system. It will improve the water purification system by maintaining a continuous antibacterial disinfection through-out the entire system.

It releases safe and natural mineral ions to help kill bacteria and viruses in the water. It can provide a long-term purification and protects against re-contamination. Mineral Pure includes a specially designed flow cell chamber that holds a pair of scientifically formulated electrodes comprised of silver.

As water is being produced, a sensitive flow switch in the Mineral Pure purification system turns on the ionisers power box and passes a low-voltage DC charge to the electrodes. Once water passes through these electrodes, silver-ions are released into the water. Thus ions kill algae, bacteria and viruses present in the water. Mineral Pure is a colloidal silver generator.

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