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Angus sires from Cudgegong Park Murray Greys

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High performing Angus bull breeds such as the Scotch Cap, B/R New Design and New Trend are used in the Artificial Insemination (A.I) and Embryo Transfer (ET) programmes from Cudgegong Park Murray Greys . The company, also known as Cudgegong Park Murray Greys and Angus, focuses on producing cows with quality frames, milking ability and low maintenance.

Cows with a mature working weight ranging from 500 to 650 kilograms are considered to be efficient converters of grass. These cows display genetic flexibility so that progenies meet desired market specifications and requirements. Scotch Cap bulls from the Angus breed provide quality carcase and effective Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) in growth. Cudgegong Park Murray Greys utilises these Scotch Cap bulls for A.I and ET programmes.

The B/R New Design bull is a well-known Angus breed because of its figure and carcase qualities. The team at Cudgegong Park Murray Greys uses B/R New Design bulls for its ET programmes. Cattle breeds from the company maintain inherent structural soundness and docility. It also produces cattle with moderate birth weight, high growth, optimal muscularity and carcase quality.

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