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Acqua poly tank from Curly Bark

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Curly Bark  based in Queensland is an Australian owned and operated company providing Acqua poly tank designed to suit customer’s requirement. These Acqua poly tanks are manufactured with strong, thick, yet smooth walls with no joint or ribs. Acqua Poly Tanks have a minimum wall thickness of 4.7milli metres.

Acqua poly tanks are resistant to algal growth and it is ultra violet ray stabilised suitable for Australia’s harsh conditions. Acqua poly tanks are available in different colours for customers to choose from. These tanks will not taint water or food. Acqua Poly Tanks use products that are formulated to satisfy the requirements for the Australian Standard.

Curly Bark also provides custom moulding service in manufacturing an Acqua poly tanks based on customer requirement. When an Acqua poly tank is installed, it can be filled with approximately 25,000 litre tank weighs up to 25 tonnes. Usage of Acqua poly tank from Curly Bark is a safe way of storing water.

These tanks are fabricated using virgin grade polyethylene, as it has quality polymer stability. Acqua poly tank has built in fungicides to prevent algae growth. The colours used in each tank inhibit light penetration and thus it resists algae growth inside the tank.

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