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Brake systems from Custom Fluidpower

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Custom Fluidpower  supplies high quality hydraulic components, controls, and brake systems designed and manufactured by MICO, suitable for agricultural equipment, marine applications, mining equipment and crane equipment. Custom Fluidpower operates as the Australian agent and stockists for products manufactured by MICO.

The different types of brake systems distributed by Custom Fluidpower include brake actuators, brake cylinders, brake locks, brake valves and disc brakes. Air and hydraulic brake actuators are designed for produce higher hydraulic pressures through the available pressurized air sources. It can be used for towing self-propelled hydraulic brake vehicles when the towing vehicle is equipped with air.

The actuators are designed for application on vehicles that are equipped with other hydraulic power devices. Custom Fluidpower also provides remote actuators, highly designed to perform several functions. When a hydraulic actuator is used with two master cylinders, the adaptor helps to prevent the transfer of fluid from one system to another.

Custom Fluidpower distributes different types of brake cylinder types. A master cylinder is available with a single piston and it is available either with or without an integral reservoir. The slave cylinders and wheel cylinders are available with small bore used for remote clutch and brake actuation applications. It can also be used for various industrial applications including clamping, holding and latching.

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