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Complete feed mixer motorisation from Custom Fluidpower

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Feed mixers from Custom Fluidpower are used to process a variety of materials into specific rations for consumption by livestock to ensure nutritious feed with maximum production. Feed mixers also allow otherwise wasted materials of high nutritional value to be consumed reducing costs. Sai’s range of variable displacement motors are suitable for use on a variety of feed mixer components including the mill, cochlea, and wheel unit.The mill component of the feed mixers can have its durability enhanced through the use of a Sai T Series motor with increased crankshaft and bearings capacity for maximum sturdiness.

The Sai T Series displacement motors include the following features:

  • These displacemetn motors feature fixed displacement
  • These motors are two speed
  • Variable Displacement (To enter in a Modern Hi-Technology market)
  • The Sai T Series displacement motors feature seven cylinders (Smooth torque and High power density)
  • Reinforced Cylinders (High peak and continuous working pressures)
  • Reinforced Roller Bearings (Increased lifetime)
  • Zero Stroke possibility in all displacements (Adaptability to a wide range of applications)
  • Well proven technology (Maximum reliability)
The cochlea solution from Sai, the TS Series, ensures maximum axial compactness, and offers all the features of the Sai T series, but additional features such as a completely integrated drive unit, are interchangeable with all Poclain versions: wheel and shaft units, w/wo negative brake and are available in Poclain, Kawasaki - Staffa, Bauer Nilsen, Calzoni versions.  The feed mixer wheel units can be serviced by a Sai variable or fixed displacement unit with brake included from the Sai GFK Series. 

The Sai GFK Series features include:

  • 5 Cylinders motor + brake + gearbox
  • Poclain Interchangeable (Easy Marketing)
  • Not Integrated drive unit (Maximum availability of parts)
  • Robust design (Well proven technology)
  • Versions available: fixed, dual and variable displacement
High stress situations often found in agricultural machinery such as friction, excessive heat generation and cavitation are eliminated with the use of Sai’s range of high efficiency radial piston crank shaft hydraulic motors. Features such as reinforced cylinders and roller bearings and zero stroke possibility in all displacements offer maximum reliability.

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