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Examining the importance of braking systems on trailers

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Many would agree that the “good old days” of farming are long gone. Agriculture has screamed ahead into the future, yet a fundamental safety issue seems to have been left behind.

With all the technological progress that’s been made, thousands of farmers are often still finding themselves in the precarious position of pulling a heavy trailer with an inadequate braking system or, in many cases, no brakes at all.

Generally speaking, the subject of trailer braking is only considered an issue when high speeds are involved, like in the case of a semi-tractor at risk of jackknifing while hauling a shipment down a highway.

However, the potential for an accident exists anytime a tow-vehicle is not capable of resisting the inertia of a heavy trailer, regardless of the speed, the condition of the roadway, or other path of travel. Low speed tractors towing heavy grain carts or slurry tanks are susceptible to the forces that cause these accidents to occur. The accident potential is not just a highway concern.

Farmers will encounter several situations where trailer brakes will not be a necessity. But to ensure the safety of everyone involved in a farming operation, it’s important to have a healthy respect for the physics involved in bringing heavy machinery to a safe stop.

  • Give careful thought to the situations a given piece of equipment will encounter to determine appropriate braking needs.
  • Seek advice from the local implement dealer and find out what braking options are available.
  • Do not forget to buckle your safety belt and use your ROPS system.
The data is very clear that these safety precautions, when used in tandem, will help you stay alive in the case of a rollover.

No one is suggesting that the implementation of trailer brakes will guarantee the elimination of all tractor-related fatalities. But it’s a step toward a safer work environment so that everyone, from the family farmer to the 60,000-acre corporate manager to the hired hand, will appreciate each and every day they get home safe and sound. 

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