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High efficiency SAI radial piston motors now available from Custom Fluidpower

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Custom Fluidpower introduce the new range of radial piston motors which replace traditional orbital motors in chopper drives. A chopper drive is part of the harvester system that cuts the stick of cane into billets for ease of transportation.  Due to the inconsistent load and intake of cane, in standard orbit motor chopper drives, the drive is prone to slowing down and, in the worst cases, stalling.  This slowing down and stalling is due to the low efficiency of the orbit type hydraulic drive motor.

Traditional hydraulic orbit motors have the tendency to slow down, producing only a small amount of work out compared to the amount of energy they put in. The older these motors get, the more intense the problem becomes. Other problems which can occur by the use of hydraulic orbit motors include circuits being affected, inconsistencies in cable lengths and unstable flows and pressure spikes.

Radial piston motors, on the other hand, maintain consistent cut speeds in comparison to the amount of engine input speed. Radial motors offer no slowing,  due mainly to the fact that efficiencies in an internal sense exceed 90%. Radial piston motors offer many benefits including improved productivity, heat  reduction, controlling of billet length and overall cost efficiency. The user will save money when using radial piston motors because of the fact that less  breakdowns will occur, meaning less time and money spent on maintenance. Radial piston motors will last much longer than traditional hydraulic orbit motors, and perform better.

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