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Dynalock locking system from Cutting Edges Equipment Parts

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Cutting Edges Equipment Parts  provides effective Dynalock locking system designed to retain the 130 tooth system. The patented Dynalock is an additional attachment system that simplifies the installation process and also assists in removing teeth on Draglines, Shovels and large Hydraulic Excavators.

Dynalock attachment system is time consuming and helps in on-site projects. With Dynalock the traditional difficulties of handling large buckets are significantly reduced. The innovative feature of the Dynalock allows the teeth to be installed and removed using only a pneumatic or manual socket wrench.

When Dynalock is in use, hammers or heat is not required and Dynalock can be removed easily with fur simple steps with the removal of one bolt. The tooth is first lifted into place with a sling, and located on the adaptor, thus Dynalock is slid into place. As a third step the Dynalock is tightened with a pneumatic or manual socket wrench and finally the tightened bolt is then protected by fitting the protective cap which remains in place until the tooth is to be removed.

Cutting Edges Equipment Parts manufactures ground engaging tools and also provides a wide range of equipment parts for heavy duty diesel engines and earthmoving machines. Customers can also find replacement parts suitable for quarrying, mining, government, road making and rural industries.

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