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Cutting Edges Equipment Parts  provides quality mining products like 13000 series and 130 TIP. Cutting Edges Equipment Parts offers locally produced products with high standard and quality similar to major international manufacturers and designers.
The 13000 series tips from Cutting Edges Equipment Parts were designed to meet specific applications. It was designed to suit Hydraulic Excavators, large Rope Shovels and Draglines. The 13000 series tip was fabricated using the advanced CAD and solidification software. The product was produced focussing in improving the machine performance and reduced operating costs.
The 13000 series tips are totally compatible with the 130 base adaptor tooth system. The 13000 series tips are simple and can be fitted in a short time, it can be removed by using the Dynalock locking system. Cutting Edges Equipment Parts designed the 130 TIP specifically for use on Draglines.

It features with an intermediate adaptor and the patented, dual vertical drive through pins, to retain the tip. This feature helps in maximising the life of the intermediate adaptor. This system can also be used on Hydraulic Excavators and Rope Shovels.

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