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DATABUS program development tool from DBC Smart Software

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DBC Smart Software  provides DB/C DX, a reliable program developmental tool that can be used for DATABUS programming languages. DB/C DX includes features such as a run-time executive, compiler and eighteen utilities. These utilities help in operations like file sorting, indexing, management, library management and source file editing, among others.

DATABUS is a programming language designed for writing several business related applications. It can be used to create interactive applications with a user friendly interface. DATABUS is easy to learn and use because of its structure and readability. It contains about 125 individual operations known as verbs.

Today, many business languages are designed for mainframe batch operations or single user operations. DATABUS can be used to run in both interactive, multi-user environments. A DATABUS program cannot cause a memory dump.

DB/C DX, provided by DBC Smart Software, can be used with different operating systems such as Windows 95 through XP based personal computers, LINUX, several UNIX systems and Apple Mac OS X systems. DB/C DX can be used to implement every aspect of the PL/B standard. Currently, DB/C DX is installed in over 3000 companies across 30 countries.

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