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DB/C DX application development tools from DBC Smart Software

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DBC Smart Software  provides DB/C DX, an application development tool that can be used for DB/C programming languages, based on ANSI Standard PL/B programming languages. DB/C DX is a complete system that involves both program development as well as its execution. It provides a range of improvement when used to PL/B Standard (programming language).

The maximum information area designed for DB/C DX can be compiled with an 8MB module. According to DBC Smart Software, every program implemented in DB/C DX can control verbs including BRANCH, CALL/RETURN, EXECUTE, GOTO, IF/ENDIF, LOOP/REPEAT, PERFORM and ROLLOUT. In DB/C DX, KEYIN and DISPLAY features like blinking, bold, colour, underlining, reverse video, and more are also applied.

The subwindow operates the scrolling that is supported for all terminals. DB/C DX provided by DBC Smart Software can be used on Windows 95 through XP and many UNIX operating environments. Users can visit the official website of DBC Smart Software to view the list of DB/C DX commands and other functional keys.

DB/C DX from DBC Smart Software has the complete interface for sending and receiving messages that uses industry standard TCP/IP communications protocol. It also contains the required features of an object-oriented programming Language like classes, dynamic binding, inheritance and polymorphism.

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