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Easy lift field bins from DE Engineers

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DE Engineers  provides quality, strong field bins, manufactured from galvanised pipes with three to five coatings of zinc on the inside and outside, for added durability. Field bins are suitable for storing granulated fertilisers such as D.A.P. and Agrass.

Field bins are designed with patented features such as the ‘Easy Hitch’, which helps tractors and P.T.O shafts to remain attached constantly while the bin drops down to the ground for filling. Each bin has an ‘Easy wheel lift system’ that is completely automatic during loading and unloading. This system can be raised or lowered, based on the transportation.

Field bins, from DE Engineers, feature a series 6 double universal that give them a steeper auger angle during filling into high trucks. This reduces the risk of trucks crashing with the barrel. Hinges, used in field bins, are made from galvanised steel (3 millimetres) with stainless steel rod and pins.

The bins are closed with a complete roof system with stop entry for the prevention of injury. Centre catches, used in field bins, ensure a watertight seal protecting the grain. The lockout system on the roof and base manhole prevents the entry of hazardous materials.

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