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DE Engineers  provides different capacities of DE Rotary seed cleaners that can blow away the lighter dusty materials. The machine provides effective cleaning processes that help farmers in improving their profits during harvesting. Currently, seed cleaners are available in different models. They are 4 barrel, 2 barrel, 2 barrel with inlet auger, 2 barrel with both inlet and outlet augers, 2 barrel on chassis, 3 barrel, 3 barrel with air seed cleaners and there is a 4 barrel (Mega machine) too.

The one piece barrel from DE Engineers is designed to work without a centre screw so that the machine can propel grains along the screen. This allows the grains to go down to the rotating barrel and continue rotating along. The higher the rotational speed, the more aggressive will be the cleaning.

Each seed cleaner model from DE Engineers is designed with a patented ‘Scalp Barrel’ that helps in removing the oversized trash even before the grains enter into the main cleaning barrel. This enhances machine efficiency.

A two barrel machine from DE Engineers can process approximately 20 tonnes of grains in an hour reducing the wheat seconds from 12 per cent to 2 per cent. A four barrel mega machine can screen 35 to 40 tonnes of whest  and 30 tonnes of barley per hour. 

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