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Dry feed trough systems from DM Plastics & Steel

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DM Plastics & Steel  provides a dry feed trough system known as the Megatrough 6000, designed by farmers. The Megatrough can be easily assembled in less then 10 minutes by a single person. The dry feed troughs were developed by drought plagued sheep, cattle and dairy graziers.

This feed lot system was designed using timber post and rail with corrugated iron infill to add nutrients to the trough. The Megatrough 6000 provided by DM Plastics & Steel features with an adjustable height and angle and strong galvanised steel frame. It measures 25 metres and can be easily extended and folded up for transporting and storing. The Megatrough 6000 from DM Plastics & Steel is resistant to ultraviolet rays and they do not rust.

DM Plastics & Steel also provides Polylok roll-out stock feed trough that can be easily pegged down to 1 to 2 metres. These Polylok feed troughs are available in two sizes for cattle and sheep. It can be stretched to 25 metres and can be easily extended. Each Polylok feed trough is designed with a sap back edge and can be rolled up inside out for easy storage.

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