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Types of industrial fuel tanks

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Fuel tanks are recommended as effective storage solutions for fuel, allowing businesses easy access to petrol or diesel supply on site.

A fuel tank is a safe container for combustible liquids, preventing leakage that can otherwise lead to accidents and property damage. Industrial fuel tanks are particularly ideal for businesses to store fuel and facilitate operations as personnel can re-fuel vehicles and machines on site instead of spending time, money and effort to re-fuel outside the premises.

Fuel tanks are available in various types and range from portable tanks to underground storage tanks.

Plastic fuel tanks

Made from high-density polyethylene HDPE, a thermoplastic made from petroleum, plastic fuel tanks are highly resistant to a wide range of solvents. Commonly used for automobiles, these tanks can also be used for domestic or outdoor purposes as they are portable as well as easily transportable and address small fuel storage requirements. Bunded varieties of plastic fuel tanks offer greater protection against leakage or wastage of the fuel.

Plastic fuel tanks are not recommended for long term use as fuel tends to permeate the plastic material, introducing wear and tear to the fuel tank. Plastic tanks must be discarded and replaced with a new one at first sign of damage. Proper disposal methods must be observed to minimise effect on the environment.

Single skin fuel tanks

Single skin fuel tanks are constructed with a single wall of steel and manufactured to meet industry and statutory requirements for quality and safety. Easy to install and relocate, these fuel tanks must only be used inside a suitable bunded area with the bunded facility able to hold 110% of the tank’s volume to prevent leakage and wastage of the fuel.

Commonly used for domestic and agricultural storage of diesel, biodiesel, light fuel oil and lubricants, single skin fuel tanks are available in a large range of sizes with holding capacities from 1,000 litres to 110,000 litres.

Self bunded fuel tanks  

Self bunded fuel tanks are versatile as well as innovative in design, and can be used for a wide range of applications across various industries. In addition to fuel storage, these tanks can also be used to store chemical liquid and waste oil.

Designed for durability and safety, self bunded tanks are made from double steel walls that provide double protection against leakage. If the inner wall breaks, the outer wall prevents the hazardous liquid from spilling through and contaminating the entire area.

Easily installed and relocated, self bunded fuel tanks can be fitted with additional equipment or accessories to meet specific storage requirements as well as national standards. The self bunded tank has a holding capacity of 1,000 to 150,000 litres, making it a cost effective and versatile storage system.

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