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Bobcat 2020 – New to Daken in 2006

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The Bobcat 2020 utility is one of the newly introduced products from the IR utility Equipment Division of Clark Equipment Sales Pty Ltd. Clark Equipment is, in turn, the authorised distributor of the Ingersoll-Rand Company in Australia .

Although appearing within a complex distribution chain, Clark Equipments Rural Division, Daken Pty Ltd will be distributing the Ingersoll-Rand utility vehicle throughout Australia, and leading the range is the Bobcat 2200, a four-wheel-drive rough-terrain vehicle which, according to Daken’s Cole Jones, “Has outstanding features in the market.”

He continues, “Built in America , the dominating characteristic of the Bobcat 2200, and the main theme running though its entire development, is its ‘ease of use’ factor.

“The 2200 is set to open a whole new market audience to the benefits of a super-convenient vehicle; it also appeals to those who just don’t want to bother or worry about levers, buttons or switches – simplicity of operation is important with utility vehicles.

“Apart from the important factors of operational simplicity the Bobcat 2200 features many aviation-grade aluminium components that provide a corrosion-resistant and attractive finish.”

The entire mid-section, that contains all of the engine and transmission, is enclosed in a robust brushed and grooved aluminium cover providing a sleek appearance.

Cole Jones said, “The 2200 is available in a white or camouflage cowl or bonnet, and it can be customised with Bobcat accessories through out IR Utility Equipment Division of Clark Equipment Sales in Australia.

“The steel brush guard and rollover protection system (ROPS) are both standard, while the extended mudguards on the wheels do a good job of keeping the machine, and its driver, mud-free.

“Another nice feature in the 2200 is the absence if wheel wells protruding into the seating compartment, an arrangement that can reduce leg room – Bobcat has achieved this by giving the unit a ‘wheels-forward’ design ti give it extra leg room and a very good approach angle,’ he said.

The Bobcat 2200 is available with either a 15kW 614cc Honda petrol engine or a 15kW, 719cc Kubota diesel engine. Cole Jones said, “Bobcat has taken a fresh approach to driving with the 2200, with the ‘set it and forget it’ driving system, spurred by a market analysis that demonstrates that customers take the ease of use factor seriously.

“This new system is appropriately named ‘IntelliTrak’; there are no levers, buttons or switches for four-wheel-drive engagement, or for the front and rear differential or the high and low range.

“By continually sensing driving conditions, it automatically engages and disengages four-wheel-drive without requiring the driver to stop and shift gears or to lock differentials, and IntelliTrak also eliminates steering feedback and reduces tyre wear and turf damage.”

He added, “The other unique feature of the unit is its large ratio CVT that will save on belt wear and still provide a low-range when it’s needed without having to stop.

“Daken will be supplying this machine to the agricultural industry, hobby and lifestyle farmers, construction contractors, estate owners and outdoor enthusiasts – on the job or at home, the Bobcat utility vehicle makes work easier,” he concluded.

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