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Datamars introduces new round cattle tag to the NLIS market

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article image Datamars' round NLIS tags overcome shortfalls of older designs

Datamars Australia has had approval granted for its round NLIS ear tag.  The news of the approval for the round ear tags to enter the cattle tag supply market comes shortly after the successful launch of Datamars' Lifetime Retention Guarantee offer, where every triangular NLIS cattle tag purchased comes with a free matching visual tag.

The innovative round ear tags are designed to use the same applicators as many other leading brands, whilst overcoming shortfalls experienced by older designs.  Unlike some other NLIS tags, there is no right or wrong way to put the round tags into the applicator.  The size of the print on the round NLIS tags is also much larger than most other models. 

The circular tags also benefit from the same patented tri-swivel locking mechanism as the triangular tags, combined with a curved base to achieve superior wound aeration. Increased wound aeration is an essential factor in decreasing tag loss. 

Sandy Warby of Phillip Creek Station, Tennant Creek NT testifies to the superior tag retention.  “Last year I put about 500 Datamars round NLIS tags in our keeper heifers. Despite the scrub and wet conditions of 2010-11, we only lost 1 tag in the first year or so of trials,”  

According to Mr Tim Scott, Livestock Division Manager another benefit of the round NLIS cattle tags is a competitive price.  He explains “Being vertically integrated, round tags are actually cheaper for us to manufacture than the triangular ones.  We can maintain quality, have a better design and still compete on price with comparable quality round tags” 

The round NLIS ear tags are printed and programmed, by Datamars, in Queensland.  The cattle tag company supports regional business with swift delivery times.  NLIS ear tags can be easily ordered on-line and are distributed by independently owned stores and producer groups. 

Datamars’ on-line ordering system has been designed to speed up and simplify the NLIS tag ordering process.  According to Mr Scott “On-line ordering enables graziers to order NLIS and visual tags in the format they want, when they want.  Our resellers benefit by receiving orders passively from this on-line system,”

Datamars, a Swiss company with 23-year experience in the Radio Frequency Identification market, entered the Australian NLIS tag market in 2010 having acquired the Rumitag brand.    

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