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Aquasafe from Davey - for dengue mosquito & tank water protection

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Maintaining rainwater tanks and other storages used for drinking water in a good healthy condition is important in removing the risk of outbreaks of dengue fever - a mosquito borne viral disease, often which is symptom-less but can create fatal consequences.

The recent exceptional weather pattern in North Queensland in particular has resulted in the Queensland State Department of Health launching a significant multi dimensional program which includes public education, identification of the dengue mosquito breeding sites and their eradication as well as recognising ‘geographical hot spots' especially those regions and dwellings where the risk of dengue mosquito activity is significantly higher.

As the dengue mosquito prefers stagnant water for its breeding habitat rainwater tanks represent a potential breeding ground.

With the increased use of tanks for drinking and other domestic water uses landholders need to know that a ‘collect and forget approach' with rainwater imposes some risk.

Davey Water Products has introduced Aquasafe a tank water purifier that is a highly effective liquid oxidant that will keep rainwater tanks free of mosquito larvae for up to two months.

Davey Aquasafe eliminates the mosquito feed source of bacteria and algae from the stored water thereby reducing the risk of infection.

Davey Aquasafe also destroys virtually all the other bacteria which can enter a rainwater storage tank from contact with bird or animal droppings, dust or dirt collected on roof surfaces or from decaying vegetable matter such as leaves retained in spouting or pipe systems.

Aquasafe will break down into oxygen and water once it has completed the disinfection of rainwater, making it an ideal treatment for rainwater that is intended to be used as drinking water.

Davey Aquasafe is readily available from water equipment suppliers, pool and spa equipment suppliers, rainwater tank retailers & plumbing supply companies.

It is packaged as one litre, five litre or 25 litre packs while test strips are also available to check on the water quality.

A one litre pack is sufficient for the initial treatment of 15,000 litres of stored rain water so that treating the relatively modest quantities of rainwater stored in many household tanks represents an inexpensive and safe response.

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